Friday, November 19, 2010

Gnome Bashing for fun and profit

Feeling a bit mischievous?  Torture your friendly neighborhood gnome! Here's a few ideas to get you started.

How's the air down there?  'Cause I just had broccoli and onions for lunch...
How cute, a mini-me!

What's it like to be at eye level with my pet's rear end?

Hey, T-Pain called, and he wants his Shawty back.

(chanting) PUNT! PUNT! PUNT! PUNT! PUNT!

Sorry I couldn't heal you, you must be 42" tall to ride.

(upon asked to earth shield the gnome tank) Dangit I'm a witch doctor, not a babysitter!

Can I put you in a stroller and take you to the park to help me pick up ladies?

Sorry, my hearing range doesn't include squeak speak.

You look like you'd make a good footstool.

Get in my belly!

A circus somewhere is being deprived of it's midget

And last, but not least, just point and giggle!

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